Hawthorn Tiles

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Are you thinking of renovating your home, commercial space or office? Here at Ital Ceramics, we provide top quality and beautiful tiles to give your new space the look and feel it deserves! And we aren’t that far away!

Getting to Ital Ceramics?

Getting from Hawthorn to Ital Ceramics is relatively quick but very easy!

By Car

If you’re traveling by car to Ital Ceramics, there is plenty of parking along Lygon Street to leave your car. However, if there happens to be no space left over on Lygon Street, Evans Street tends to be a good option when trying to find parking.

By Public Transport

If you wish to take public transport, we recommend the following route as a=the quickest option:

Jump on the Belgrave Lilydale or Alemein line heading towards Flinders Street. Once you reach Flinders Street Station get on the Number 1 tram heading towards East Coburg and continue on the tram until you reach the Albert St and Lygon St tram stop.