Camberwell Tiles

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Are you thinking of renovating your home, commercial space or office? Here at Ital Ceramics, we provide top quality and beautiful tiles to give your new space the look and feel it deserves! And we aren’t that far away!

Getting to Ital Ceramics?

Camberwell isn’t too far away to pop in and take a look at our showroom!

By Car

Ital Ceramics is only a 32-minute drive to and from our showroom. We would recommend parking on Lygon St outside our showroom,  however, it is a built up day we understand the parking struggles. Evan’s street is right next to our store and a great place to leave your car as well!

By Public Transport

Commuting by public transport isn’t too bad either, jump on the Alamein Train and change to the Number 1 tram once you reach Flinders St Station and continue on the Number 1 TRam until you reach the Albert St and Lygon Street stop.