Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are not only used for tough industrial and commercial environments or warehouses. Due to ever-changing trends and styles, concrete style tiles are now trending more than ever not only in domestic residential properties but for commercial or office space use. Whether it’s flooring throughout the entire complex or bathroom tiles, concrete look tiles are versatile, durable and high quality. Concrete looking tiles offer a modern yet spacious feeling that is long lasting with little maintenance due to the glazed surface of the porcelain concrete tile. As well as if cleaned and waxed correctly, are able to hold an enormous amount of pressure without leaving marks or scratches.

Concrete tiles are available at Ital Ceramic for price per square metre. Our cement tiles are low maintenance,  highly durable and easily cleaned leaving your kitchen or floors pristine.

Need a hand?

Need a hand picking the right cement type tiles for your bathroom or walls? Ital Ceramics is the place for you! We will help you pick the right type of cement, the right type of grain and right overall style to leave you happy that you have the correct style concrete tile for your home!

Benefits of Cement Tiles:
  • Durable
  • Sustainable
  • Easily cleaned
  • Multiple design options