Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles can help turn your bathroom into an exciting place to go to, which is why it’s important to choose the right tiles for your lifestyle and design dreams. Our wet area tiles come in a number of shapes, styles, and finishes using a numerous amount of different materials. The range spreads from a simple and minimal style tile for those who prefer a more modern and sleek bathroom to those who enjoy a much more rustic and earthy feel, all of which our white or wooden tiles are able to generate.
Our range of floor and wall tiles allow for a range of different budgets, aiming to cater for all and priced per metre. As such Ital Ceramics is able to help you choose the most fitting bathroom and shower tiles to suit your desires. Our team believes that every inch of your home deserves beautiful tiles, and your bathroom is no exception.  Our powder room tiles fit perfectly for all purposes, including walls, ceilings, and flooring, whilst being both practicals and beautiful.
We can help you!

Need help picking the correct and best tiles to fit your bathroom? Our team at Ital ceramic will do our best to find the bathroom tiles that suit you and your taste. We can help sift through are various styles and type of tiles, leaving you feeling satisfied that you have selected the right tiles. However, the bathroom should reflect your personality, as such your individual preference comes first!

Ways to enhance your Bathroom:

  • Feature tiles
  • Custom colours to suit the decor
  • Feature walls
  • Marble stone
  • Feature vanity
  • Open door mirrors